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Attentive Mobility Physical Therapy is a clinic designed to help athletes and active adults take control of their pain and their bodies.

FREE Assessment (Full Evaluation and Diagnosis)


Offering both in-person and online pain consultation, our goal is to get you FAST relief and to live the life you want, PAIN FREE. (see "Learn More -  Treatment Services" for more information on treatment)

Treatment sessions with AMPT are advanced and specific to each individual. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide reliefrestore function, help individuals recover faster.

What to except as a new client:

For every new client, a FREE assessment will take place in order to start conversation, answer questions, discuss your subjective complaints and goals, provide a diagnosis, and develop a plan of care. If determined that treatment will be beneficial, we can discuss options and proceed from there. 


Clients will experience a 1-hour, one on one session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The initial in-person therapeutic session will begin with the FREE assessment as described above. The initial treatment will consist of manual therapy, patient education, and guided therapeutic exercise focused on finding RELIEF as FAST as possible. 


Manual therapy will be provided in order to reduce pain/symptoms or improve mobility which is determined by individual patient presentation. Manual techniques include soft tissue massage, percussion massage, IASTM, active release techniques, muscle energy techniques, mobilizations and/or manipulations.  


Patient education will be provided during conversation throughout the therapeutic session.  


Guided therapeutic exercise will conclude the session.


For your homework (Home Exercise Program), you will be coached through 1 or 2 specific exercises prescribed by the physical therapist, designed to initiate progress toward the patient’s goals. We only prescribe the most effective exercises that are relatively simple to perform and can be performed in any setting. This is what sets us apart from other therapists! No more list of 5+ exercises. Minimal effective dose is important for a home exercise program.

Consistency and effort is all we ask. 


Our clinic offers patients the ability to have their exercises recorded and video shared with them in order to assist in proper execution of exercise on their own (this is available every session, not just the initial).​


The patients therapeutic exercise prescription will continue to progress until the patient shows the ability to perform skills and activities that they initially stated they wanted to return to. The goal is to educate and coach patients in proper execution of exercise in order to return to sport or activity and give patients the ability to act proficiently on future pain or injuries.

Rehabilitative and Performance Coaching and programming are offered as well, and can be discussed with your clinician. 


Relief - Recovery - Performance

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